Ball bearings have been used for years in the field of machine design. It’s pretty hard if not impossible to find such an affordable technology. Ball bearings have been around for a long time and you are likely to find them in objects of everyday use, like hard drives. As a matter of fact, these types of rolling elements have even been used in the construction of Roman ships. The great news is that more and more applications are being developed for precision balls. Recent advances in bearings UK have definitely increased their reliability, meeting the requirements of critical applications. In this article, we will discuss the impact of these advancements on high tech applications.

Weight saving in airplanes

Reducing the cost per passengers or cargo is any aircraft company’s dream. Weight savings result in fuel consumption savings. It is not surprising that people in the aircraft industry are constantly looking for ways to reduce weight and achieve savings. Well, they don’t have to look any further. Ball bearings support load in the axial and radial directions. They are housed in a race and when the load is applied, it’s transferred from the outer race to the inner race. However, there’s an even better solution: hollow ball  bearings. Unlike old-fashioned mechanical devices, they have the weight.

Making cars safe to drive

Wheel ball bearings allow for rotational movement, providing benefits like reducing noise, vibration and harshness. These rolling parts allow the wheel to turn without rubbing excessively, so they are a major improvement. As long as the set of steel ball are kept at optimal condition, nothing is likely to endanger road safety. Just about any drive is provided with wheels and ball bearings. At present, ball bearings are largely used for automobile safety, but mostly in airbag sensors. This means that they are designed for instances where increased pressure results. A handful of ball bearings are used to overcome the load on the spring until it contacts the second one and triggers the airbag.

The bottom line is that ball bearings are incredibly reliable. Unquestionably, the mechanical components are used in many other applications. Anyone who wishes to improve high tech applications, should really consider making use of ball bearings. Bearing technology will continue to evolve, so those working in the industries like aviation or medical industry won’t have to wait too long for solutions for their precision high tech applications.