For many persons gaming is a serious business, so if you are considering to take your passion to the next level, then you should also think investing in some special designed devices. The fact is that when you are using special designed devices, you would have no difficulties in winning the games. Moreover, when thinking about these devices, we are not considering the smartphone passionate gamers, we are thinking at the ones who are investing a lot of money in a powerful PC, and need extreme gaming pieces for perfecting their game. Manufacturers across the world have been designing devices to meet these requirements and now you have the possibility to choose from a great number of keyboards, joysticks and mice. Some would offer you functionality, others are designed to last in time and some are just great for improving your gaming experience. Moreover, if you are looking at the futuristic designed ones, you should forget about them, because the sharp design is nothing when it comes to using the devices in a hardcore game session.


Logitech Flight System

When comparing it with the other devices from its class we could easily notice that this flight system is perfectly designed for providing you a comfortable gaming experience. It comes with a Force Feedback effect included in the joystick, which allows you to feel the turbulence, wind shear and g-forces, so when using it you would have the impression that you are really flying with you own plane. And for enhancing the feeling that you are sitting in the cockpit of a real plane this device also features programmable and illuminated buttons on the base.

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

If you are a racer you would go crazy for this gaming piece, because it has a six-speed shifter, a dual motor force feedback, which makes you feel even the traction loses, sturdy steel pedals for having no issues in throttling, weight shift, gear and brakes shifting and even a steering wheel which 900º.

Cyborg M.M.O.7.

Are you looking for a hardcore gaming mouse, then this sturdy one is the answer to your search, because only few on the market are as rugged as this one, and when looking at its performance, there is just no other one which would offer you a greater gaming experience. It features a great array of programmability to game commands, mode shifts and even a 5D button for accessing the command quicker, by using a thumb. Moreover, if all these features have not convinced you, then you have not heard that it ales has backlight for the buttons.

Razer Tiamat Gaming Headset

The gaming experience is not complete if you are not using a high-quality headset. So, now is the moment to invest in this beauty that comes with a 7.1 surround sound experience, for assuring you that you hear sharp and clear the distinct sounds from the game you play. You have the possibility to tune the sound for every one of the channels you are using, with the help of the advanced controller that is packed together with the headset. You would feel it comfortable over your ears because it features soft ear pads that fit perfectly.