Helplines have become more and more used in the past years by people who find themselves in crisis situations. Even though many people have found help here, the fact that this number has continued to increase is something that we should worry about instead of making us happy. Even so, those at the other end of the call have managed to save the lives of many people due to the fact that these people in crisis found the courage to call Sky help line or any other helpline available. Those who are calling one of these lines for help for the first time should know the following aspects:

Do believe helplines can help you

If you find yourself to be in a difficult situation and you believe no one you know can give you proper advice, you should definitely consider calling a helpline. Everyone in crisis situations or interested in learning how they can help someone they know who is in crisis situations should do some research and look for the best helpline available.

Don’t expect for your problems to be solved in one call

Just like in the case of the treatment you get in psychology sessions, you will probably need more than just one call to find the best solution to your problems. You can think of helplines as psychology sessions over the phone. Some problems may be more serious than you initially imagined and may require long-term help. You will figure this out after having the first call.

Do take responsibility for your problem

Some people get confused when it comes to helpline calls, thinking that if they tell someone else about their own problems automatically become their problems. A counsellor is not responsible for your own issues, regardless of what they are about. The only thing a counsellor can offer you is professional guidance regarding finding the best solution to solve that problem.

Don’t assume you will receive a step-by-step guide

Just don’t believe that you will contact a helpline, talk to a counsellor and they will tell you the exact steps you will need to follow to have your problems solved once and for all, because that’s not how things work. The counsellor is there to empower you and help you get better clarity to be able to find your own skills and ways to deal with your challenges.

Do call only if you need help

If you are using helplines simply because you have found a beautiful voice that you like to listen to when you are alone in your room, you are misunderstanding the purpose of helplines. There may be people that may actually need real help and you are keeping the line busy just because you want to chat. Call a helpline when you are actually in a crisis situation.

Don’t be afraid to answer the counsellor’s questions

Expect to be asked many questions by the counsellor. This is how a helpline call actually means – an exchange of questions and answers between the counsellor and the person in crisis until the latter one understands the situation he finds himself or herself in and is able to figure out a way out.