When it comes to small crossovers, manufacturers made sure to provide an array of options for passionate drivers and for this reason, the competition is fierce. Many vehicles in this class reached the maximum level of excellence so potential buyers might wonder what makes 2018 Ford Escape so special. Well, this question does not lack answers. First, the generous cargo space represents the main factor that differentiates this specific vehicle from other similar models, followed by a user-friendly voice-command interface and multiple trims available. Buyers have plenty of strong reasons for which they should choose the 2018 Ford Escape, including respectable towing capacity, luxurious and comfortable interior, plenty of space, good safety rating and performance, sporty handling and the most innovative aspect, namely breakthrough technology. Furthermore, they can find out 2018 Ford Escape pricing on various specialized websites and determine if the car deserves the financial investment.


Sync 3 and FordPass

The Sync 3 represents an intuitive touch screen interface with clear graphics, user-friendly menus, quick responsiveness and Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity. The available navigation allows drivers to locate important destinations or favorite restaurants. Moreover, the interface gives them the possibility to enable connection between the vehicle and their smart phones. FordPass represents a very helpful app that has the purpose to help drivers complete various tasks throughout the day, which include finding needed parking lots, comparing fuel prices in order to choose the most profitable gas station, unlock and start the 2018 Ford Escape from a distance, among others.

BLIS and Cross-traffic alert

The Ford Safe and Smart Package offer plenty of advantages that could spark the interest of any driver. These refer to blind spot information system, cross-traffic alert, forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control, high-beam headlamps and rain sensors. Blind spot information system, also known as BLIS represents a feature that alerts you when identifying the presence of vehicles in your blind spot with the help of radar.  Cross-traffic alert practically watches the things happening behind you so that when you back out of your driveway or a parking lot, you do not collide with another vehicle approaching your direction. This feature alerts you by visual and audible means. Another prerequisite that we have to discuss is the lane-keeping system, which impedes you to approach excessively the lane marker and redirects you towards the center of the lane. All drivers experience unintentional lane drifting but this feature can help them solve the problem.