You have decided to make the transition to a more sophisticated Ethernet switch and purchased an EX Series switch. You could not have made a better decision. Juniper products are the only ones that can meet the needs of demanding businesses and service providers. Although most hardware products used for network communications require no configuration, some do. This is the case for Juniper EX Series switches. A network administrator needs to apply some configurations to a newly purchased switch. Which ones? If you were asking yourself the same question, do not threat. We have the answer for you. Here are the most important network switch settings.


Configure a gateway

A default gateway makes it possible for devices on your network to communicate with devices on another network. The gateway acts as an access point, so it is very important to know the IP address of the default gateway. This is paramount for a business. You will not be able to manage a device across the network if it does not have an IP management address. If this configuration is missing, your Ethernet switch will work perfectly until the management tool is installed or you attempt to control the switch from a different network. What you need to do is configure a gateway.

Set the clock

One setting you should not ignore is the time. You should set the clock right after you have made the IP address settings. Does setting the time really matter? Yes, it does. Time configuration is essential for the switch to fully operate. Benefits of configuring time on the switch include proper time stamp on log files, the ability to make connections between different times, and scheduling commands. Also, it helps when your network equipment troubleshoots.

Enable Neighbor Discovery Protocol

Neighbor discovery protocol is basically a protocol that is used with the IPv6. The reason why neighbor discovery protocol is important for network administrators is that it allows them to have an idea of network typology. Generally, each manufacturer has its own combination of neighbor discovery protocols. Juniper too have this option on their switches. It is advisable for you to enable this option. The information you receive will allow you to locate network devices nearby.

Setup logins and traps

When it comes to monitoring network equipment, receiving notifications is quite useful. The beauty of Ethernet switches is that you get informed about what is happening. However, to be alerted it is necessary to configure log-ins. This type of setting is not difficult and there are no big differences from brand to brand.

If you have recently purchased a Juniper EX Series switch, make sure to do the aforementioned settings. You should not be missing any of the configurations. Configuring an Ethernet switch is at the same time fun and challenging. If you do not know what to do, get in touch with the vendor who sold you the product. They will certainly be able to help you out. Suppliers are just waiting for the chance to help customers.