If you have been browsing through car offers, and looking at various models, but don’t know exactly what to choose, documenting yourself about what advantages different cars have to offers is recommended. If you want to be driving a car that is equipped with useful tech features, the 2018 BMW 3 series might be right answer for you. The following details are the ones that make this particular car the perfect choice for tech enthusiasts, so if this is something that interests you, just keep reading.

Automatic emergency breaking

Looking at safety features is what you should do first when buying a vehicle. Well, this model does not disappoint when it comes to road safety, coming equipped with an automatic emergency breaking feature. According to Edmunds’ review on the 2018 BMW series, this is a vehicle that you can feel safe driving, regardless if you take it for a long road trip, or just your daily work commute, this automatic breaking system contributing to its security.

Audio control on steering wheel

If you are one of the many drivers who enjoys listening to good music while on the road, you will love the audio control feature this model comes this. Being placed on the steering wheel, the audio system can be easily maneuvered when driving on your own, and will make your driving and music listening experience more pleasant.

Navigation system

With real time traffic information, as well as 3D topographical views, the navigation system of the new MBW model will certainly wow you. Those behind the technological development of this car have certainly put in the effort to make is as convenient to drive as possible.

360 view camera

For an easy parking and increased road safety, the car also has a 360 view camera incorporated. This particular addition will come in handy in the most unexpected situations, and it’s certainly an appealing advantage for those who love technology and are interested in extensive feature packages when it comes to their cars.

These are the features that make the BMW 3 series such a popular option among car buyers. If you have been looking for a car that can raise up to your expectations in the tech department, you should most certainly consider this model. Besides these benefits, this car comes with many other driving advantages, such as power, or ride quality. You can read reviews on this model to see what experts have to say on the topic.